Her abstract painting is essencialy inspired by her ongoing search of her Amerindian, African and Portuguese ancestry – origins of the colours that she chooses.

They spread and overflow with the tones of Brazil´s northeastern handicraft and the cultural diversity of São Paulo.

All exists in excess in the northeastern arid country, as in the megalopolis. Excess in living and lack of living.

Tania was born in 1948 and lived through adolescence in Alexandria, small city in the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Since the early 1970´s she´s been living in Sao Paulo, where she worked as a public health doctor in periferic neighbourhoods. At that stage, the screaming social contrasts influenced her own artistic identity comprehension.

Ingres Speltri and Nino Patrone were her professors at Panamericana Escola de Arte e Design de São  Paulo.

Later on, she had painting classes in NAC (Núcleo de Arte Contemporânea), Oficina Virgílio and Collégio das Artes, with São Paulo-based artists Antonio Peticov, Marco Giannotti, Eurico Lopes and Osmar Pinheiro.\


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